Matsushima 松島

The beautiful Matsushima rests on the Eastern coast of Japan just one hour away from Sendai. Because of this it is the perfect one day trip getaway.

On the dawn of 2015 January 1st we boarded a train to Matsushima to see the new year sun rising. As if this was not an already extraordinary place to see the sun rising for the year to come the whole city was covered in still fresh and crackly snow for our delight. 

This was the best new year’s I ever had


From Sendai there are two train lines that go to Matsushima. The line that goes to Ishinomaki and the line that goes to Hiraizumi. The closest one to the centre is Matsushima Kaigan on the line to Ishinomaki from Sendai and the whole trip will cost you around 8 dollars.

Matsushima is not short on things to do and see and oysters locally produced are a treat, preferably grilled. 

If you are interested you can also check my previous post about Matsushima with more about what to do and see

What would I do differently

Onsen?! Maybe an onsen after all that waiting in the cold for the warm sun to come up. Can you imagine? 

Next Stop…

Next week I will publish a post about Morioka and Iwachu where I bought my cast iron kitchen wares.

Again, hope you are doing well and see you next week.

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