Morioka 盛岡

Morioka is the capital of Iwate Prefecture in Tohoku. It is also known for being a producer of cast ironware.  We decided to visit because both me and my friend wanted to buy an iron pot as souvenir to take home and she knew of an excellent cast iron shop well renowned in Japan. 

With this in mind we boarded a train to Morioka city from Sendai.

In Morioka we took a bus to Iwachu.

This place was not only a store but also a kind of small museum showing up some tools used from producing the cast ironwares.


From Sendai you can take a shinkansen to Morioka which takes 40 minutes and costs 34 dollars. By bus you will only save 10 dollars. From Tokyo train will take 2 and a half hours and costs around 85 dollars. However, all of the trains are covered by the JR pass.

Morioka is a nice city with quite a few touristic attractions that we did not manage to visit because we got lost in the Iwachu shop. I leave here a link for the company’s webpage for some extra information

15 min walking from the JR station you can find Morioka castle surrounded by a huge park. Built in 1611 the castle belonged to the leader of the Nanbu clan who ruled the area of Morioka.

On the way to the castle, you will pass the Kaiunbashi bridge where you will see the best view of Iwate san, mount Iwate. To get to mount Iwate you can take a bus from Morioka Station Bus line 3 and get off at Obuke Station. The trip will take about an hour.

The star of the city in the several hundred year old Sakura tree that is coming out of a granite stone. You can find it across from the castle park grounds.

Hachimangu Shrine was build to protect Morioka city and honours the lord of the Nanbu family.

If you’re looking for an escape from the city rent a bike and cycle to Iwayama Park.

If you want to visit Iwachu, bare in mind that it is far away from Morioka station. To get there we caught a bus at the JR station East Exit line 14 to Yahaba Eigyosho/Sogo Shisho and got off at Kawakubo stop. From there we walked to the shop, 10 to 20 minutes.

However taxi is a better alternative if you plan to buy more than one piece; you can end up with quite the heavy load!

What would I do differently

This post was not sponsored, unfortunately, but I must say that I loved Iwachu’s cast iron wares. I’ve been using them for years and they are still in great shape.  

After reading about the city now I wish to be able to return one day to Morioka and visit more of the city. I think this would be a very cool destination.

Next Stop…

As my first steps for traveling alone I started visiting family and friends in different places. That is how then on February for Carnival holidays I decided to visit a friend in Belgrade.

So see you next week. Wish everyone the best.

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