Why travel alone

So many people have always had that deep desire to visit that one special place but never had the right company, with the time or even the same motivation, to do it and because of this they continuously postpone traveling.

My first solo trip

At least for me, finding a travel soul mate has not been easy, my friends are all very different from me and I have found my perfect travel girl friends by meeting them while they were also traveling alone.

My first solo trip was not a planed trip.

In the summer of 2014 I booked a really cheap, one year before, two week trip to Japan to meet a friend and see the Sakura in April.

However, around April my friend decided to blow me off and I was left without a cheap place to stay for two weeks.

First thing I did ( and the one I most regret ) was to shorten by trip, because I though there was no way I could pay for it. I called KLM support and they agreed that by paying a little bit extra I would be able to return earlier.

But then reality hit me and I realised ‘now I can go wherever I want!’ and so I planed to visit all the places that I’ve been wanting to see but never got the chance.

This turned my world around.

I chose to take a train from Osaka to Nagasaki, to visit Gifu and Takayama and to end my trip in Himeji and do some hanami. It was the most perfect trip ever, I even got to unexpectedly meet another friend of mine who joined me in Himeji and we ate the best sushi ever.

Why you should travel alone

Traveling alone allows you to do what you want.  You will chose what you want, eat what you want, go where you want to go, not go where you don’t want to go and not see what you don’t want to see.

You will also be seeing the places you want, without having to compromise one second of your life. No one will tell you “we can go climb that mountain, but lets also go to <some uninteresting place on which you will compromise because you’re a decent Human being> ” or “We’ve been here for 20 minutes, it’s time to go somewhere else”.

It gives you, not only, a feeling of independence but also boosts your confidence, because you will have no one else to rely upon, except for yourself and you will be dealing with (only) your own shit.

If these are not enough reasons for you, I can promise that if you book beds in hostels, you will be meeting different, independent and strong willed people who you will be lucky to meet and who will enrich your life in many many ways.

You will learn to let go, to meet the most amazing people and to let them go. To have these intense connections with people from all over and maybe never see them again, or maybe even see them every week.

And finally, when the time comes, you will be able to respect your significant other’s independence and individuality and they will also respect yours.

It will help you be ok with being yourself, with being… just yourself.

Finally it will make the world a better place, person by person; because nothing breeds tolerance and respect like making friends from places you never expect and to see them as people just like you.

Thank you…

.. to all the amazing people I’ve met while traveling until today. Thank you for making part of who I am today and for making me a better person just by knowing you, even if for just 1 day, a couple of hours or even a chat from one hostel bed to the other.

I need to say that I cannot contact my friend Huijuan Cao since she went back to China. My sweet Ken Ken I miss you every day, I hope you are well and that you will contact me as soon I you see this.

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