planning a trip?

With time passing, more and more I am told that I have a knack for planning trips, choosing good flights and finding good lodging.

Because of this, I am now thinking of making myself available to help you plan your vacation.

Contact me through the form bellow. I would love to know, who you are, what kind of travel style you take most pleasure in and how much time you have to plan.

I will answer your email with a dozen questions back in order for me to get to know you better and set everything up.

For the first contact it’s included a draft of your travel to give you an idea whether or not it’s worth your investment in me.

If you decide to proceed then

  • I will send you flight options with different companies, price ranges and departure times
  • Send you suggestions of lodging, according to your preferences (private bathrooms, hotel or bed and breakfast, breakfast included, bike rental, etc)
  • Suggest itineraries and points of interest or activities.
  • Book bus, trains or boats if you want to pre book them online, according to the schedule you want.
  • Send you a booklet with map visuals of hotel locations with addresses for you to show to taxi drivers in local languages.
  • I can even estimate a travel plan according to your budget limit, just tell me how much you want to spend and I will make estimates of how much everything will cost you.

Try it out, I will be waiting!